Abandoned Orbs Astray

[A prospective retrospection]

Padding down the wooden rails,
adrift impatient distance.
I lay and linger upon the cadence,
‘neath the soothing darkness blanket.
Somnolent bridle tightly clinched,
I plead for longer peace.
Yet giggle piercing light invades
the slumber that I seek.
Tiny fingers tug away,
my heart cannot wander.
So I stumble by his side,
the world so full of wonder.

Bounding down the rise
in carefulness surrender.
I strain my ear against the thunder,
my heart on quest asunder.
Grinning hopeful expectation
draws my spirit nigh.
Medium fingers coax me out
beneath the great blue sky.
Joyous orbs back and forth,
deep breaths drawn inside.
Old bones groan but friendship berths
a youthful ride on high.

Silent halls now stir my restless ache,
longing for the thunder
of his feet that jarred me wake.
I sit beneath the pale blue sky,
abandoned orbs astray,
reflecting on the dreaded bye
large fingers bid today.
Reminiscing tiny hands,
catcher mitts and smiles;
thanking God for time He gave
with His adopted child.

Wondering if I hugged enough,
prayed and praised him high?
Or was I questing meaningless,
seeking joy outside?
Was time well spent while in my care?
Was I attentive to his pleas?
Did I slow to muss his hair?
Did I play gleefully?

Silhouettes slip along
the silent halls tonight.
I glance to glimpse the glimmer soul,
our joy who shines so bright.
Yet wooden rails are dim within,
for laughter’s lullaby.
But by the silent Spirit wind,
the house I think might cry.

Longing for his tight embrace,
my wife and I in hand,
sit softly in the silent grace,
thankful he’s a man.

19 thoughts on “Abandoned Orbs Astray

  1. “Wondering if I hugged enough,
    prayed and praised him high?”

    I feel sure you did but I struggle with the same question…because I did not.

    ” the house I think might cry…”

    I think I might cry…


    1. I won’t “like” this comment cause I fear it might have brought grief. But the vision has been pressing on me as I watch my kids quickly age. I penned it as a reminder to myself and others that our time with children is brief, and to enjoy them and let them know you love them while they are within your reach.

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      1. Thankfully, my 28 year old daughter is still somewhat within reach especially now as she is venting resentments she felt unable to vent while she lived with me and was not able to drive. My standing steady as she lets loose, and loving her regardless, is cathartic to both of us. She needs to know my love is unconditional and can withstand her venting. Of course I need to then turn and give it all to Jesus, but I know a smidgeon of what God does when we rail against Him; He loves us, anyway.

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      2. I’m not being politically correct, Levi. I am advocating being an effective ambassador for Christ. The only people Jesus verbally insulted and attacked were the religious leaders of His own religion. The others He spent time with and ate with; He gained their trust and set an example; if He corrected them it was with gentleness and superior logic. Had He called them stupid, it would have been counter-productive.

        What is your objective, Levi? to love others as Christ loved you and therefore try to show others the difference Christ makes in your life? or to use your God-given gift of writing to offend others and turn them away.


          1. It was. I don’t know how it was attached to your blog. He is 15, obviously homeschooled (I homeschooled my children, so I know), had announced “Buddhism is coming to America,” etc. I sat on my hands for a while but when he started calling people stupid (he even said some of my practices, like meditating the prayer of St Francis, were Satanic) I tried to gently do a little course correction. I’ve done what I can; he’s 15 after all, but has a large following by other young Christians and could do some harm.


    1. It mostly rhymes is the max I can say. My heart’s more in story telling than poetry, but that one was stuck in my head so I had to push it out, as much or more for my benefit than for others’. Your kind words, as always, are much appreciated!

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  2. So.. I am not the only one that feels this way. I feel like I walk on a tightrope of grace and perfection everyday.

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