Join New Facebook Group for Faith and Family Bloggers

***New Facebook Group for writers to mingle, share Blog posts, self-promote, expand following, and support other Bloggers.  63 Members and growing.***

Bloggers are always trying to find ways to increase their exposure and to stay in touch with and support loyal readers and fellow Bloggers. I find this to be a great challenge, particularly when following a large number of great writers.

To help with this challenge, I have started a new Facebook Group called “Faith and Family Bloggers.” I would love for as many of my followers as possible to join that Group. You can do so by clicking on the following link and submitting a join request:

Faith and Family Bloggers

By joining the group, no one will gain access to your personal Facebook Page (if you have a private account). Members of the Group will only be able to see your posts on the Group’s news feed unless you friend one of the members.

My plan for the Group is a place to share your recent Blog posts, self-promote your creative projects and achievements, connect with other Bloggers, and develop a following beyond WordPress. Facebook’s news feed layout will help a great deal in following and supporting other Bloggers and will hopefully expose members’ work to a broader audience.

While I have set the Group to “Private” initially, I may decide to change that to “Public” if it is a success. Once membership is established, I like the idea of inviting non-contributing readers to join the group so they will have a convenient source for reading material on the Group’s topics.


(If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create one for free for the sole purpose of joining the group.)

Copied below is the stated purpose and rules for the Group:

Purpose: Group for writers to mingle, share Blog posts, self-promote, and expand following.

Permissible Post Topics:


While posts do not have to cite scripture or reference Christianity, they should be consistent with a Christian worldview.

A few simple rules:

1. Stay on topic.

  1. Keep it clean and suitable for a primarily Christian audience.

  2. Post a maximum of 3 links per week.

  3. Visit and comment on a minimum of 2 members’ posts or Blogs per week. Consider following those members as well.

  4. Spread the word and invite other potential members.

  5. Only post content that you own or have legal rights to distribute.

  6. Spamming will not be tolerated.

  7. One warning will be given for rules violation. Second offense results in removal.

NOTE: This group may at times be set to “Private,” such that only members of the group can see posts, but the group may be changed to “Public” at any time, with or without notice or consent.


29 thoughts on “Join New Facebook Group for Faith and Family Bloggers

  1. Great idea: unsure whether I shall sign up now, as I may not be able to keep up with the blogging rate -as I am not primarily a blogger but a writer/painter, and I write a blog about once a month – I also write monthly for the Association of Christian Writers on their ‘More thanWriters’ blog, which may be me writing more of the kind of thing you’re talking about here, than on my personal one. (Is being a ‘sleeping partner’ an option? If onei s not primarily and therefore a frequent,blogger?

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    1. Absolutely. No posting requirements at all. Would love to have you. Feel free to cross post links from those other sources you mention. Eventually I’d love to have a lot of reader only members. One main objective is increasing readership for blogger members.

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  2. Just sent in a request. This is a great and much-needed idea. Couple questions.

    One, I have plenty of posts that might fall under “All Things Christianity”, but what about singleness? That’s about to become the primary (though not the only) category on my blog, for there are many singles looking for God’s guidance on that season of life. If it’s not appropriate for your group, I’ll understand and limit my posts to the general stuff.

    Two, are we free to share past posts with the group as long as we don’t surpass three a week, or should we limit ourselves to new posts?

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    1. All posts do not have to be about Christianity. Christianity is one topic; family, parenting, marriage, etc. are other topics. I prefer all to be from a Christian worldview, but not all posts have to specifically reference scripture. Old posts are fine too. I just asked the group to limit their links to 3 per week so as to spare the group from spam.


  3. Reblogged this on Comfort & Challenge and commented:

    If you are interested in blogs about Faith and Family, you can find a lot more bloggers here. You don’t need to be a blogger to join the group, but if you do use the group to promote your blog, please follow the participation rules. I’ve already found several that are interesting, thoughtful, comforting, and challenging!


  4. Not sure where I stand with your rules. i commented, but my comment does not appear with the others. As I have just become a published author does that make me a spammer? 🙂 One of your purposes is to “self-promote.” I actually do not desire to promote myself, but rather the work of the Christian faith to other Christians. Ninety per-cent of all profits from books will go to missions and charity.
    I am still an active wordpress blogger, and have requested to join this group through my husband’s Facebook page.
    Thank you for forming this group. The Lord bless your work.


    1. I’m not sure what you mean that your “comment does not appear with the others.” Please elaborate so I can adequately address your concern. If your husband is Jerry Rogers, then I just accepted the Facebook join request. As far as self-promotion, almost all bloggers need self-promotion–without readers, writing has value only to a limited audience. It would be similar to limiting the Great Commission to standing on one’s porch and shouting the good news to the few within earshot. At the same time, the reason for Christian blogging is spreading the Good News in many creative art forms.

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      1. I don’t know what happened to our first comment submission. Concerns may have been exaggerated on my part, in that afterward, I thought my first comments may have sounded like spam. (Could you define what that would sound like for a blogger.) At the age of 77, after writing for twenty-five years of God’s goodness, and for five years blogging by His grace and for His glory, we were blessed to publish five of our non-fiction books this month. At first, planning to give them away, we then felt led to give some, and for any profit from sales of others, to give ninety percent to missions and charity. We have no desire to make any income for ourselves from the ministry of our writing and publication. How can we offer the free books without it being considered as spam? Thank you again for being a part of this group. Fran


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