The Well-Worn Bone Guitar


A young cricket, mouse and frog were the best of friends and dreamed of forming a world famous band.

But father cricket told his young cricket, “Work hard and you can be the best chirper in the meadow.”

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Mother mouse told her young mouse, “Work hard and you can be the best scavenger along the street.”

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Grandmother frog told her grandbaby frog, “Work hard and you can be the best jumper in the pond.”

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And a wise old owl, whose feathers were dyed bright colors and who barked instead of hooted, winked at the young cricket, mouse and frog and told them, “Follow your hearts, and you can be the happiest critters in and beyond the meadow, street and pond.”

colorful owl
Photo Credit: TooMuchColor

The youngsters laughed at the funny looking owl, ignored his counsel, and became an expert chirper, scavenger and jumper.

But as time passed by, their youthful dreams began to itch, and they remembered that crazy old owl.

So the older and wiser cricket, mouse and frog abandoned their chirping, scavenging and jumping and formed a mariachi band and became the happiest critters in and beyond the meadow, street and pond.

The wise old owl chuckled in his tree while strumming “Yellow Submarine” on his well-worn bone guitar.

music tree
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23 thoughts on “The Well-Worn Bone Guitar

  1. For the first time since I began blogging, I reblogged this post to The Ruminant Scribe. It is awesome. I know your niece will enjoy it and I pray that she takes the message to heart, before she spends too much time going after the things that won’t make her happy! Blessings to you and your family, and I am glad you created this delightful story.

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  2. What a great story and for her graduation as well. So much meaning in the story. If there was one thing that you could tell her what would it be?

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    1. Wow, tough question. So many things to advise on. But on the topic of the post, so many fear chasing their dreams for various reasons or don’t discover talents until late in life. So, it is so important for adults and parents to help children discover their talents and passions early and encourage them. And if their dreams and talents merge, what a great gift, especially if they can make a living pursuing it. Too many follow career paths because of pressure, incentive for wealth, or because they don’t know what else to do, then find themselves trapped as they get older. Youth is simply the best time to take risks and pursue dreams. It gets infinitely harder once one gets married and has children.

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