Bloggers, Let’s Support Each Other

I’m new to blogging, but I’ve been around long enough to realize the difficulty in getting seen and in sifting through the mass of Blogs for content matching a reader’s interests to the point of becoming a true Blog follower. So much of Blogging seems to be about the numbers–how many people are following you and whether you follow back.

Listed below (in random order) are the Blogs I have found to date that either support me or that I find interesting enough to monitor for new content. I know there are so many great Blogs out there (including ones on my following list that I haven’t focused on yet), and I would love to know about them and start following and supporting them. I’m too new to have developed a healthy reading list just yet, but I’m working on that.

So, if you are so inclined, check out these Blogs and give them your support and comments! And if you do, let them know how you found out about them.

[NOTE: Listing the sites below does not necessarily mean that I agree with our endorse any or all content.]

If you have a list as well, I invite you to leave a reply below with your list and to post your list on your own Blog. This will increase the visibility of these Blogs. Yes, I know there is a blogroll widget, but who ever looks at that? I will check out any Blogs listed in your replies. I encourage you to limit your list to Blogs that support you and to those Blogs that are interesting enough to you that you follow and monitor their new content, as opposed to just listing every Blog in your following stats.

Not For Punks

Musings and My Two Cents: On Religion, Politics, and . . .

Glorious Impact

According to Greta

My Daily Musing



The Eternity Project

The Power of Story – Mitch Teemely

Life with Jess

AIMEE FORTNEY: Not the Perfect Cook, Not the Perfect Parent, Not the Perfect Wife, Not the Perfect Marriage, Not the Perfect Life!

Faith and Doubt in a Culture of Disbelief

Beauty Beyond Bones

19 thoughts on “Bloggers, Let’s Support Each Other

  1. Gee, what can I say? Before I read this post of yours, I had just shared your Wild Things in Play post on my Facebook timeline and also in my comment to another blogger. But, I actually don’t think it’s the first one I share.

    Because I am relatively new, January 8th, (I think), I started second guessing why I was doing this. Was I blogging for bloggers? Who am I blogging for? I initially began blogging as a way to share my thoughts on religion, Christian living but my primary audience I thought was my Facebook family, but…

    Anyway, I appreciate you doing this and am glad you’re following several of mine. I see some on your list that I plan to check out too and will let them know that it’s through you.

    Beside yours, some of the ones I follow are:

    Not For Itching Ears

    Phylicia Delta

    Giggles & Tales

    a cooking pots and twistedtales

    Juni Desiree


    The Real Life/Real Talk

    83 Unsung Heroes


    Steve Rose’s Blog

    Love Talk

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  2. Thanks for following, and thanks for the link!! Sometimes we all wonder if anyone is actually reading…

    Here are some of my current favorites – besides The Daddy Blitz!

    The River Walk –
    Revolution of Words –
    Zachary Pieirpont –
    Beauty Beyond Bones –
    Josephsdailywalkwithjesus –
    Café Book Bean –
    Of a Life Less Ordinary –
    Ashley Hearod –

    This is a list I check regularly, just added a few new blogs I’m following, this will probably grow soon. I’m finding lots of good writing and thoughts to follow…

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  3. I appreciate your support and as a matter of fact, I was reading several of your other posts when I came upon this one. I truly love hearing from others in the blogging community. It is refreshing, insightful and we should support one another. I am still refining my daily process and have been off site for several days. I am now back in the mix and always look forward to what you write. Your honesty, bluntness and ability to provoke serious thought about where we are going and how we plan to get there is great. Keep sharing and I’ll keep reading. Have a blessed day!


    1. Thanks for the support and kind words. I too am only just acclimating to the Blogosphere and my reading list is in infancy. But I’m already forming a go-to list, your Blog included. Unfortunately, writing and posting make for a full time job. Yikes! But I’ve really enjoyed sifting through all the ideas. Great contrast to stale 24-7 cable news.


  4. I just received word that you are now following The Ruminant Scribe, and I certainly appreciate it. I pray that you will be encouraged and challenged by the thoughts raised. I have been doing this blog for almost a year but still feel like I am a newbie! I have read several of your posts and love your writing. I too am a lawyer but am now retired. Writing about the Lord is far more important in the Grand Scheme of things! Blessings to you and thanks for following my work.

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  5. Thanks for you recent follow. I have so few people reading my stuff it’s a shame. Here are a couple folks I enjoy reading. Cleaver and often deep, but always enjoyable and impactful:

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  6. I love to share my daily life stories , life is hard especially when your trying to raise a family , to get it all in line and heading in the right direction is easy with help and guidance but how do you get the financial support you need , any ideas how to keep going in the right direction , any ideas , thanks for listening , billy .

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  7. Thank you so much for doing this! It’s a wonderful way to support one another and learn about our different blogs.
    I have two blogs. My non fiction site,, is mostly a site of inspiration and hope. My fiction writing, is a bit darker. In the last three years I have experienced the deaths of my mother, my father, my husband of 21 years, and the man I fell in love with after my husband. (No, I have not killed anyone, though there were times in the 21 years that I thought about it…jk) I’m still here, still believing, still living, still writing! I write because I must. I share because I want to help others and because I like the attention (hey, I’m honest). If you find me on this list and visit, let me know you’ve been there with a like or a comment and I will click on and read some of your work as well! Lets support each other in our creativity!

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